Chontal materials, William O. Bright Papers

Chontal, Oaxaca includes: Tequistlatec, Tequistlateco
Chontal, Highland Oaxaca | Chontal, Lowland Oaxaca | English | Karuk | Quechan | Seri
ca. 1955
Moser, Edward W.
Linguistics | Mexico--History | Oaxaca (Mexico : State)--History | California--History | Arizona--History
0.1 linear feet
William Bright's Chontal (unidentified variety, likely a form of Oaxaca Chontal) materials consist solely of possible cognates between Seri, Chontal, Karuk and Quechan, by Edward W. Moser (Series 1).
William O. Bright Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.142