Ho-Chunk materials, Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection

Meskwaki includes: Mesquakie, Musquakie, Sac, Sauk, Fox, Sac-and-Fox
Ho-Chunk includes: Winnebago, Hoocąk
1962; 1973
Fraenkel, Gerd | Walker, Willard
Linguistics | Orthography and spelling
Essays | Notes
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Fraenkel's "Notes to accompany Winnebago recording," with informant, date, place, contents, etc., of each tape. Some recordings were made with informant reading from texts published by Paul Radin, Memoirs 2 and 3, International Journal of American Linguistics. See also #3865. Walker's "The Winnebago syllabary and the generative model," regarding the Fox orthography and the derivation of the Winnebago orthography from it; Winnebago rules for conversion from phonemic transcription to the Winnebago orthography.
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection Mss.Ms.Coll.200