Piipaash materials, James M. Crawford Papers

Piipaash includes: Maricopa
Kiliwa includes: K'olew
Kumeyaay includes: Kumiai, Diegueño, Kamia, Tipai-Ipai
Cocopah includes: Cocopa, Kwapa, Kwii Capáy, Cucapá
English | Piipaash
circa 1962-1964
Crawford, James M. (James Mack), 1925-1989
Linguistics | Yuman languages
Drafts | Essays | Notes | Vocabularies
5 folders
Materials relating to James M. Crawford's interest in and study of the Piipaash (Maricopa) language. Items include a copy of Crawford's paper "Maricopa and Cocopa: A Binary Comparison" [Dec. 1962] in Series III-A. Works by Crawford--Cocopa; a folder labeled "Comparison of Cocopa, Maricopa, Diegueño, and Yavapai" [1964?] containing handwritten charts comparing elements of those four languages and Kiliwa in Series IV-A. Research Notes and Notebooks--Cocopa; one folder, "Maricopa Notes," with two pages of undated notes on Yavapai, Cocopa, and Havasupai and another folder, "Maricopa Vocabularies," containing two Vocabularies collected by Crawford in Arizona from Perry Sundust (1962) and Joanna Yaramata (1963) in Series IV-D. Research Notes & Notebooks--Other; and typed drafts, handwritten notes, and some photocopied "homework exercises" in Kumiai (Diegueño) relating to Crawford's "Proto-Yuman: Reconstructed from Cocopa, Diegueño, Maricopa, and Yavapai" [Jan. 1964] in Series III-C. Works by Crawford--Yuman. See other related materials in the Yuman-focused series of this collection.
James M. Crawford Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.66