Chimariko materials, James M. Crawford Papers

Piipaash includes: Maricopa
Kumeyaay includes: Kumiai, Diegueño, Kamia, Tipai-Ipai
Cocopah includes: Cocopa, Kwapa, Kwii Capáy, Cucapá
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Crawford, James M. (James Mack), 1925-1989
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Materials relating to James M. Crawford's interest in and study of the Chimariko language, particularly in comparison to Yuman languages. Chimariko materials in the Crawford Papers are located in Series III-C, Works by Crawford--Yuman and consist of typed drafts (with penned edits) and page proofs of his "A Comparison of Chimariko and Yuman," published in Margaret Langdon and Shirley Silver, editors, Hokan Studies (1976); and handwritten notes and drafts, typed drafts with penned edits, and handwritten cognate sets comparing Chimariko, Cocopa, Yavapai, Havasupai, Mohave, Maricopa, and English, all for the preparation of "Some Cognate Sets from Chimariko and Several Yuman Languages," a paper presented at the Hokan Conference, University of San Diego, 1970.
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