Hopi materials, Hopi and Navajo Recordings

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Brandt, Richard B. | Coin, Willie | Diehl, H. C. | Ekstrom, J. | John, Zonnie | Kewanwytewa, Jim | Nuvanisa, Bennie | Voegelin, C. F. (Charles Frederick), 1906-1986 | Yava, Albert
Arizona--History | Linguistics | Language study and teaching
Sound recording
Stories | Vocabularies
20 sound tape reels (42 hr., 8 min.) : DIGITIZED
Hopi words, phrases, texts, counting, and grammar (particles), some with English equivalents. Includes duplicates of Hopi recordings made by Carl F. Voegelin. Recorded with Hopi consultants including Willie Coin, Jimmy Kewanwaytiwa, Bennie Nuvanisa, and Albert Yava. (NOTE: This material has been digitized and can be accessed online for free by users not physically at the APS Library through a login and password. Please see our Audio Access Page for information on how to request these materials.)
Hopi and Navajo Recordings Mss.Rec.103