Keresan tales in the Acoma and Cochiti dialects

Zia includes: Tsʾíiyʾamʾé, Keres, Sia
Santa Ana includes: Keres, Dámáyàamʾèetrạ
San Felipe includes: Katishtya, Keres
Kewa includes: Keres, Dîiwʾamʾé, Santo Domingo
Laguna includes: Kʾáwáigamʾé, Keres, Kawaika
Cochiti includes: Kotyit, Keres
Acoma includes: Áakʾùumʾé, Keres
English | Keres, Eastern | Keres, Western
1957, 1959
Herrera, Lorenzo | Luceria, Lupe | Maring, Joel M. | Ortiz, Frank
Folklore | Linguistics | New Mexico--History
Sound recording
Elicitation sessions | Stories | Vocabularies
9 sound tape reels (3 hr., 45 min.)
Keresan dialect study (62 sample utterances in seven dialects: Acoma, Laguna, Zia, Santa Ana, San Felipe, Santo Domingo, Cochiti). 18 Acoma texts and tales; speakers' general translations of four Text; text and informal translation. One Cochiti text. NOTE: Portions of this material may be restricted due to potential cultural sensitivity.
Keresan tales in the Acoma and Cochiti dialects Mss.Rec.35