Linguistic data in the Sandia dialect of Tiwa

Sandia includes: Tiwa
Nambé includes: Nambe Owingeh
English | Tiwa, Southern
Brandt, Elizabeth A.
Food | Linguistics | Music | Politics and government | Social life and customs
Sound recording
Conversations | Speeches | Stories | Vocabularies
29 sound tape reels (25 hr., 4 min.)
Includes Text; analysis of the Sandia material by an Isleta informant; household items; foods; directions; natural phenomena; buildings; fruits; time expressions; verbs; adverbs; checking George L. Trager's material; pronominal reference; greetings; animal names (including domesticated); festivals; other ethnographic information. Tape 1 includes Tewa (not Tiwa) texts, vocabulary, speech, and song recorded by Ernest Riechert of Wycliffe Bible Translators at Nambe Pueblo, New Mexico. Some of this material may be restricted due to cultural sensitivity or privacy concerns.
Linguistic data in the Sandia dialect of Tiwa Mss.Rec.72