Siberian materials, ACLS collection

Yukaghir includes: юкаги́ры, одул, деткиль
Yupik, Siberian includes: Yupighyt, Юиты, Eskimo (pej.)
Tofa includes: Tofalar, Karagas, тофа
Soyot includes: сойоты
Nivkh includes: Gilyak
Sakha includes: Саха, Yakuts
Koryak includes: Коряки, нымыланы, чавчувены, алюторцы
Evenki includes: Эвэнкил
Chukchi includes: Chukchee, Чукчи, ԓыгъоравэтԓьат
English | Russian
1924, ca. 1928
Maniagit, Khoibo | Bogoras, Waldemar, 1865-1936 | Solovyev, D. K., 1886-1931 | Jochelson, Waldemar, 1855-1937 | Spiridonoff, N. V.
Religion | Clothing and dress | Russia--History | Railroads | Animals
Text | Still Image
Essays | Inventories | Catalogs
27 p., 24 photographic prints, 2 sketches
This guide entry only describes broad Siberian materials. Chukchi and Nivkh materials in the ACLS collection have their own dedicated guide entries. "Catalogue of phonograph records from the Jesup North Pacific Expedition" (item AsPa.2) briefly details Waldemar Jochelson and Waldemar Bogoras' documented phonograph recordings during the Jesup expedition, which may include those housed at the Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana. "The Study of Paleoasiatic and Tunguse languages in the USSR for the last ten years (1918-1928)" (item AsPa.1) describes programs of institutions in the USSR that included bringing students from various areas of Siberia to Leningrad. "Photographs and brief essays on "Paleoasiatic tribes of the hills of Uryankai" and "The Manegher"" (item 36) contains brief descriptions by Bogoras of Soyot, Karagass (Tofa?) and Manegher/манегры (Evenki) peoples, based on descriptions of expeditions by D. K. Solovyev in 1913 and 1915-1916 to the Amur River and the Sayan mountains. It includes several sets of photographs, assumed to be from these expeditions, and mentions the existence of hundreds of other photographs, artifacts and film reels.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c