Sahaptin materials, Virginia D. Hymes Papers

Sahaptin includes: Shahaptin
Tenino | English
1950s-1980s, bulk 1970s-1980s
Hymes, Virginia D. | Hunn, Eugene | French, David | French, Kathrine | Rigsby, Bruce | Pistolhead, Elsie | Suppah, Hazel | Greene, Verbana | Winishut, Linton | Jacobs, Melville, 1902-1971 | Leeds-Hurwitz, Wendy
Oregon--History | Washington (State)--History | Linguistics | Ethnography | Animals | Animals--Nomenclature | Anthropology | Fieldwork | Language study and teaching | Orthography and spelling | Pedagogy | Sahaptin languages
Field notes | Correspondence | Stories | Oral histories | Dictionaries | Drafts | Elicitation sessions | Grammars | Vocabularies | Transcripts | Essays
10 linear feet
The majority of the Virginia D. Hymes Papers relate to her work on the Warm Springs Reservation. This includes all or most of Series I, II, III and V. Series V (Card Files) contains around 35000 lexical files compiled by Hymes as well as David and Kay French and an unidentified researcher. Series III (Research Files) contains fieldnotes, texts and dictionary files. Series I (Correspondence) and IV (Works by Others) also mostly relate to Sahaptin research by others, including Bruce Rigsby (Yakima and Umatilla Sahaptin), Virginia Beavert, and Eugene Hunn.
Virginia D. Hymes Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.189