Walter Dyk Collection

English | Wasco-Wishram
Dyk, Walter | Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996 | Hymes, Dell H. | Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939 | McGuff, Peter | Voegelin, C. F. (Charles Frederick), 1906-1986 | Wolf, J. G. | Kahclamet, Philip
Linguistics | Penutian languages | Folklore | Anthropology | Ethnography | Oregon--History | Fishing | Washington (State)--History
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The Walter Dyk Collection consists of 16 folders relating to Dyk's dissertation research on Wishram, 1930-1933, donated to the APS by Dell Hymes in the 1980s (with additions transferred from the Dell H. Hymes Papers in 2019). It includes copies of his masters thesis (Chicago, 1931) and dissertation (Yale, 1933), papers and notes sent to Dell Hymes in the mid-1950s when Hymes was working on the language, including two field notebooks, Hymes' plans for use of these and other materials, and a small but important set of correspondence. The correspondence includes letters to Dyk from Philip Kahclamet, who was Dyk's primary consultant for "Kikct" (which Kahclamet identifies as a broad term for several related varieties), and who later worked with Hymes; from Edward Sapir to Dyk, including a very long and detailed letter commenting on phonology in Dyk's dissertation; and a series of letters to Sapir from Peter McGuff, Sapir's Wishram consultant at Fort Simcoe, Washington, 1906-1908. Sapir described him in Sapir (1909), and Michael Silverstein discussed him in Natural Histories of Discourse (1996), a volume co-edited by Silverstein and Greg Urban. See finding aid for related material and an itemized list of contents.
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