Ho-Chunk materials, Paul Radin papers

Ho-Chunk includes: Winnebago, Hoocąk
English | Ho-Chunk
1908-1930 and undated
Radin, Paul, 1883-1959 | Blowsnake, Sam
Linguistics | Siouan languages | Anthropology | Medicine | Religion | Social life and customs | Folklore | Dance | Funeral rites and ceremonies | Warfare | Personal names | Clans | Rites and ceremonies | Peyote | Origin | Wisconsin--History
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49 items
Materials relating to Radin's study of Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) history, culture, and language. Some items are written in Ho-Chunk, with and without English translations. This large collection includes 34 original field notebooks; numerous short and long stories (Hare cycle, Aleck Linetree [probably Alec Lone Tree], the origin of the Buffalo clan, the story of the holy one, the boy who wished to be immortal, etc.); several longer pieces, such as a typed manuscript titled "The legend of Mother-of-all-the-Earth," speeches of Charlie Houghton, multiple versions of "How Blowsnake joined the medicine dance," "Origin myth of the medicine dance," etc.; several published secondary sources; over 3,000 slips for an English-Winnebago [i.e. Ho-Chunk] dictionary and other items relating to Ho-Chunk phonetics, lexicon, linguistics, etc.; several phonetic texts, some with English translation; and a variety of other items with ethnographic, historical, and linguistic data pertaining to ceremonies, tales, clans, medicine, origins, dance, burial, peyote, names, and sweat-baths. Individuals mentioned (some as ) include: Jacob Russell, Charlie Houghton, Oliver LaMere, Sam Blowsnake, John Rave, Thomas Clay, Robert Lincoln, James Smith, Tom Big Bear, and George Ricehill.
Paul Radin papers Mss.497.3.R114