Journal among the Arikara Indians, and other papers, 1794-1796

Omaha includes: Umoⁿhoⁿ
Pawnee includes: Chaticks si Chaticks, Chatiks si Chatiks
Mandan includes: Nueta
Dakota includes: Dakȟóta
Arikara includes: Sahnish, Arikaree, Hundi
Aaniiih includes: A'aninin, Atsina, Gros Ventre
Trudeau, Jean-Baptiste, 1748-1827
Childbirth | Clothing and dress | Dance | Expeditions | Marriage customs and rites | Social life and customs | Warfare
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"Description abrègée du Haut-Missouri adressé: a Monsieur don Zénon Trudeau," an account of a journey up the Missouri River, with descriptions of the life and manners of the Indian tribes, prepared for Don Zenon Trudeau, Lieutenant Governor of the Country East of the Illinois (n.d., [after 1795]). Extracts from journals, June 7, 1794-June 1796 (part printed from copy in Department of State Archives, Washington), 190 pages. Approximately 200 pages of letters. Materials contain descriptions of the culture of the Plains Indians (Cheyenne, Arikara, Mandan, Pawnee, Gros Ventres, Sioux, Poncas), dress, customs, marriage, birth; calumet dance, sun dance, buffalo dance; warfare. Printed (in English translation), Trudeau (1914) and (1912) and Abel (1921). Original in possession of the Seminaire de Quebec.
Journal among the Arikara Indians, and other papers, 1794-1796 Mss.Film.1036