Cree materials, Frank Siebert Papers

Cree includes: NÄ“hiyaw, Cri
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Ahenakew, Freda, 1932-2011 | Dahlstrom, Amy | Siebert, Frank T. (Frank Thomas), 1912-1998 | Smith, James G. E. | Ellis, C. D. (Clarence Douglas), 1923-
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The Cree materials in the Siebert papers are all related to the language, mostly within Series IV and mostly articles collected by Siebert. They include vocabulary and grammatical materials. There are also 34 tapes of instructional materials in Swampy Cree and Moose Cree, in Series XII, which accompanied "Spoken Cree, west coast of James Bay" by C. Douglas Ellis (not digitized).
Frank Siebert Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.97