Doctrina christiana

Kaqchikel includes: Cakchiquel, Cakchikel, Kaqchiquel
Kaqchikel | Latin | Spanish
circa 1692
Gálvez, Mariano, 1794-1862
Guatemala--History | Linguistics | Religion
Essays | Grammars | Prayers
1 volume, 110 leaves
Consists of Catholic texts in the Kaqchikel language, including statement of doctrine, catechism, confessional, brief religious discourses. Also includes a grammar of the Kaqchikel language, which was translated into English by Daniel G. Brinton in APS Proceedings 21 (1884): 345. Donor, Academia de Ciencias de Guatemala, through Mariano Gálvez, 1836.
Mayan Language Texts, 1553-1727 Mss.497.43.V42