Cree materials, Charles E. Fiero Papers

Cree includes: NÄ“hiyaw, Cri
Cree | Cree, Southern East
Fiero, Charles E. | Hisey, Helen | Stocken, Albert | Mayappo, Allan | Trapper, Mary | Moses, James
Ontario--History | Quebec--History | Minnesota--History
Essays | Vocabularies | Grammars | Stories
ca. 152 p.
The only Cree materials in the Charles E. Fiero Papers are "A Report on Coastal Montagnais-Naskapi by Helen Hisey and Charles Fiero" in Series I, with possibly similar materials on CD in Series II. Despite being titled "Coastal Montagnais-Naskapi", this is likely Southern East Cree, as the consultants are residents of Eastmain and Moose Factory, on James Bay. Fieldwork was done at Mokahum Indian Bible School, Cass Lake, Minnesota, where Fiero was working. The material includes grammatical analysis, interlinear texts, and lexica.
Charles E. Fiero Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.187