Choctaw materials, American Philosophical Society Archives

Choctaw includes: Chahta
1870; 1888
Marston, C. W. | Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878
2 items
Two items relating to Choctaw materials. The first is Joseph Henry's letter to J. Peter Lesley, explaining that Smithsonian Institution once had the original of Cyrus Byington's Choctaw manuscript, but it was withdrawn for revision and later sent in by [Daniel Garrison?] Brinton. The revision was unacceptable and the Smithsonian relinquishes its claim. The other item is C.W. Marston's letter to the secretary of the American Philosophical Society requesting a History of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians, with a reference to Cyrus Byington's grammar of the Choctaw.
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