Seri materials, William O. Bright Papers

Seri includes: Comcaac
Seri | Chontal, Highland Oaxaca | Chontal, Lowland Oaxaca | English | Karuk | Quechan
1955, 2005-2006
Moser, Edward W. | Marlett, Steve | Bright, William, 1928-2006
Linguistics | Place names
Correspondence | Vocabularies | Drafts | Essays
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William Bright's Seri papers consist of possible cognates between Seri, Chontal (unidentified variety), Karuk and Quechan, by Edward W. Moser, a copy of a Fortnight Magazine article, and comments on Steve Marlett's manuscript on "The Form and Use of Names in Seri", for publication in IJAL (Series 1).
William O. Bright Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.142