Zunil materials, Ruben E. Reina Papers

K'iche' includes: Quiché
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Quiej, Francisco | Reina, Ruben E.
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The materials in the Ruben Reina papers relating to the Zunil region of Guatemala are found primarily in Series V of the collection. This series consists of notes and photocopies of documents relating to the Zunil people of Guatemala. In 1969, Ruben Reina hired a local Zunil man, Francisco Quiej, to collect material--legends and stories--from the monolingual elders of Zunil. Quiej recorded the interviews, then translated the accounts from their original Quiche in to Spanish. Via a local priest, Quiej sent the transcripts to Reina. The original recordings no longer exist, but the surviving transcripts serve as an important historical record of the beliefs and experiences of a native Central American people. Included are legends, religious texts, and interviews with and biographies of community members. Additional miscellaneous materials may be found to lesser degrees in Series VI, VII, VIII, XI, and XII.
Ruben E. Reina Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.67