Yokuts materials, Harvey Pitkin Papers

Yokuts | English
Pitkin, Harvey | Dunbar, Evangeline | Gamble, Geoffrey
Linguistics | California--History
Vocabularies | Bibliographies | Stories | Grammars
The Yokuts materials in the Harvey Pitkin Papers consists of Pitkin's "Introduction" to nineteen unpublished word list in Sucollection II, Series 2, Subseries 4-C. The California-Oregon comparative Vocabularies, Morris Swadesh's Glottochronologic test list, a bibliography and lexical lists located in Subcollection II, Series 2, Subseries 5. Linguistic works by Evangeline Dunbar and Geoffrey Gamble are in Subcollection II, Series 4, Subseries 3. Yamelwani-Yokuts word slips are in Subcollection II, Series 6, Subseries 3.
Harvey Pitkin Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.78