Study of Arapaho tonal phonology

Arapaho includes: Arapahoe
Arapaho | English
Cleveland, Edna | Weigel, William F.
Folklore | Linguistics | Oklahoma--History
Sound recording
Autobiographies | Elicitation sessions | Stories | Vocabularies
27 audiocassettes (23 hr., 52 min.) : DIGITIZED
Linguistic field recordings of elicited Arapaho grammar, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, kinship terms, personal names, and general vocabulary. Also includes anecdotes and stories given in Arapaho and English from the consultant's childhood, and about her grandfather and late 19th-century Arapaho history in Oklahoma. Recorded in Watonga, Oklahoma. (NOTE: This material has been digitized and can be accessed online for free by users not physically at the APS Library through a login and password. Please see our Audio Access Page for information on how to request these materials.)
Study of Arapaho tonal phonology Mss.Rec.258