Ahtna, Upper Tanana, and Southern Tutchone recordings

Tanana, Upper includes: Kohtʼiin
Ahtna includes: Atna, Ahtena
Ahtna | English | Tanana, Upper | Tutchone, Southern | Tanacross
1966, 1968
Brown, Andy | Charley, Tenas | De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004 | David, Jessie | Ewan, Annie | George, Bacille | George, Nancy | Jackson, Arthur | Jackson, Martha | Joe, Bill | John, Lucy | McKinley, Jim | Pete, Elizabeth | Pete, Mentasta | Peters, Jenny | Sanford, Kate | Sinyone, Jim | Stanfield, Fanny | Tanzy, Jake | Tanzy, Lily
Alaska--History | Folklore | Medicine | Music | Social life and customs
Sound recording
Interviews | Songs | Stories
27 sound tape reels (14 hr., 55 min.)
Ahtna songs and stories recorded in 1968 by Frederica de Laguna at Copper Center, with additional ones also recorded at Cantwell, Chistochina, Gulkana, and Upper Tanana material recorded at Tetlin. Includes dance songs, sorry songs, potlatch songs, sleep doctor songs, and others. Includes "Gulkana Potlatch Given by Bill Joe and Kate Sanford for Recovery of Maggie Joe from Illness." Some songs are Tlingit, Upper Tanana, or Tanacross in origin. Includes Ahtna stories, autobiographical accounts, vocabularies, and interviews, as well as a few Southern Tutchone songs recorded at Burwash Landing, Yukon Territory. Also includes Tetlin potlatch songs recorded in 1966.
Ahtna and Southern Tutchone recordings Mss.Rec.68