Haudenosaunee materials, Ely Samuel Parker Papers

Haudenosaunee includes: Iroquois, Onkwehonwe
Parker, Ely Samuel, 1828-1895 | Edwards, Howard, 1833-1925? | Wilson, Peter | Parker, Caroline, -1892 | Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852 | Parker, Arthur Caswell, 1881-1955 | Iroquois chiefs | Johnson, Anna C. (Anna Cummings), 1818-1892 | Cornwall, William | Mix, Charles E. | New York Indians in Kansas Territory | Wright, Asher, 1803-1875 | Ehlers, Edward M. L. | Porter, Charles T. (Charles Talbot), 1826-1910 | Morgan, Lewis Henry, 1818-1881 | Samson, William Holland, 1860-1917 | Street, Alfred Billings, 1811?-1881
Land tenure | Politics and government | Religion | Rites and ceremonies | Government relations | Anthropology | Ethnography | Land claims | Treaties | New York (State)--History
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Various materials relating to Haudenosaunee people, culture, history, and language. Correspondence includes a typed copy of a 1815 letter from Haudenosaunee chiefs to the Secretary of War listing losses in the War of 1812; Daniel Webster thanking Parker for a gift copy of Morgan's "League of the Iroquois"; letters pertaining to Parker's assistance to both fiction and non-fiction writers such as Lewis Henry Morgan, Anna C. Campbell, Alfred B. Street, Charles Talbot Porter, etc.; William Cornwall's suggestion that the Haudenosaunee still own the Thousand Islands on the Canadian side of the border; letters pertaining to the New York Indians in Kansas Territory prosecuting claims under treaties of 1838 and 1842; Parker to B.F. Hall regarding "traditional history" of Chief Logan [see also #557]; and Parker to the President of the United States requesting that Peter Wilson be continued as interpreter for the New York Indian agency. Other items include a fragment of Ely Parker's "History of the government, manners, customs...(of the Iroquois Confederacy)"; his mutilated manuscript describing "a Grand Council of the Six Nations of New York, held at Tonawanda for the purpose of hearing again their religious code, from Jimmy Johnson, the Grand High Priest of the Iroquois Confederacy"; his "Initiation of the Wolf tribe of the Cayuga nation, one of the confederate nations of the Grand Confederacy of Iroquois"; other notes, extracts, and short essays by Ely Parker on Haudenosaunee-related topics; Caroline Parker's school essay on Handsome Lake; three chapters of Arther Caswell Parker's unpublished manuscript, "Red Embers of the Longhouse"; Asher Wright's memo book on the Council of the Six Nations held at Cattaraugus (December 1, 1862); Edward Ehlers' address suggesting similarities between Iroquois Longhouse and Masonic Lodge symbolism; and Peter Wilson's talk on Haudenosaunee history before the New York Historical Society.
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