Baganda materials, ACLS Collection

Baganda includes: Ganda
Luganda | English
1927, 1929, undated
Kagwa, Apolo | Kalibala, Ernest B. | Edel, May M. (May Mandelbaum), 1909-1964 | Nyabongo, Akiki K., 1907-1975 | Mukasa, Hamu
Linguistics | Ethnography | Religion | Uganda--History | Missions
Stories | Vocabularies | Translations
708 p. and ca. 1500 slips
Several materials relating to Baganda culture and the Kiganda language are found in "Non-American and Non-Linguistic Material". The 1500-slip "Lexicon in Luganda (Kiganda)" (item Af.1) may be derived from Apolo Kagwa's "The Customs of the Baganda" or its original "Ekitabo kye mpisa za Baganda", but the author is not identified. Similarly, Apolo Kagwa's "Engero Za Baganda" is the likely source of "Uganda folklore stories" (item 47), a translation by Ernest B. Kalibaba. Kalibaba also either authored or is the source of "Luganda texts" (item AfBg.1). "The Weltanschauung of Uganda Primitive Philosophy" (item AfBg.2) is an ethnography of Uganda religion by Ugandan prince Akiki K. Nyabongo, and includes some Luganda linguistic description. Finally, Hamu Mukasa's "Do Not Retreat: King Muksa and His Time" (item 54) is a brief manuscript on Christianisation among the Baganda. Correspondence within the Franz Boas Papers (Mss.B.B61) may provide more context for some of these materials.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c