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Language(s): English
Subject: Linguistics
Genre: Grammars
Extent: 85 pages
Description: The Cholon materials, John Alden Mason Papers includes a grammatical sketch of the some "comparisons" with Quechua, Pomo, and Chimariko; one page of John Alden Mason's comments.
Collection: John Alden Mason Papers (Mss.B.M384)

Chocó | Cholón | Paparo | Tucura | Guna
Alternate forms: Kuna
Language(s): English
Date: 1937
Genre: Journals
Extent: 1 volume
Description: "Choco expedition." Primarily concerned with collection of water samples from the Pacific, meteorological data, etc. Some notes and discussion of Indians of Colombia and Ecuador. Groups and places mentioned: Choco, Citara, Noanama, Cholo, Paparo, Tucura, and Kuna.
Collection: Robert Cushman Murphy journals (Mss.B.M957)