Sahaptin materials, Phillips Fund Collection

Walla Walla includes: Waluulapam, Natítayt
Yakama includes: Yakima
Umatilla includes: Natítayt
Sahaptin includes: Shahaptin
English | Umatilla | Walla Walla | Yakama
1966, 1988
Hunn, Eugene | Jacobs, Melville, 1902-1971 | Rigsby, Bruce | Sturgis, Sam | Winishut, Linton
Folklore | Idaho--History | Linguistics | Oregon--History | Orthography and spelling | Place names | Washington (State)--History
Field notes | Dictionaries | Reports | Stories | Vocabularies
158 pages
The Sahaptin materials in the Phillips Fund collection consist of 4 items. Materials in this collection are listed alphabetically by last name of author. See materials listed under Hunn and Rigsby. The Hunn material consists of a typeset manuscript draft "Plateau Place names"; copy of fieldnotes; Sahaptin place name transcriptions, with information about itinerary, along Columbia River, Oregon. Rigsby's materials consist of 3 items: "A Short Practical Dictionary of the Yakima Sahaptin Language," which includes a history of language documentation, notes about orthography, and a ca.670-item lexicon; "Report on 1966 Sahaptin Linguistic Field Research"; and "Yakama Sahaptin texts," containing 4 stories modified from Melville Jacobs' "Northwest Sahaptin Texts, Part II."
Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection Mss.497.3.Am4