Cherokee materials, ACLS collection

Cherokee | English
1941-1946; 1951-1952
French, Will | Harris, Zellig S. (Zellig Sabbettai), 1909-1992 | Olbrechts, Frans M., 1899-1958 | Reyburn, William D. | Sequoyah, Molly | Witthoft, John
Ethnography | Linguistics | Material culture | Music | North Carolina--History | Orthography and spelling | Social life and customs | Boarding schools | Games | Ethiopia--History
Text | Sound recording
Autobiographies | Essays | Grammars | Transcriptions | Stories | Vocabularies
1,652 pages, 920 slips, 59 phonograph discs, 4,500 cards
The Cherokee materials in the ACLS collection consist of 3 sets of material located in the "Cherokee" section of the finding aid. The smallest item is Frans Olbrechts' brief essay comparing Cherokee and Ethiopic (Ge'ez) syllabaries (item I2.1). Zellig Harris and John Witthoft's "Cherokee materials" (item I2.4) was conducted in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania and consists of grammatical Vocabularies and utterances, extensive grammatical notes and analyses, and numerous ethnographic and autobiographical stories, plus some songs, recorded on phonograph discs with Molly Sequoyah (mainly) and Will French. A small number of texts are written in the Cherokee syllabary as well. A second linguistic study by William Reyburn (item I2.3), conducted in Cherokee, North Carolina, consists of 1000+ pages of linguistic notes, transcriptions of recordings, and analyses, plus an extensive lexical file organized according to morpheme class. Reyburn's accompanying recordings are cataloged as Mss.Rec.16, "Cherokee materials gathered...on the Cherokee reservation at Cherokee, N.C.," listed separately in this guide.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c