Mi'kmaq materials, Selected materials, 1676-1930, on Indian linguistics

Mi'kmaq includes: Micmac
French | Mi'kmaq
circa 1816-1820 and undated
Bellenger, Joseph-Marie, 1788-1856 | Maillard, Antoine Simon, -1768
Linguistics | Algonquian languages | Missions | Religion | Canada--History--To 1763 (New France) | Jesuits | Séminaire de Québec
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Part of a collection comprised of religious and linguistic materials in various Native American languages. Many were written by Jesuit missionaries of New France. These particular items include a catechism for Mi'kmaq children; a Mi'kmaq grammar copied by Rev. M. G. P. Cote, cure de Ste. Croix, and given by him to the Seminaire de Quebec in 1907; missionary Joseph-Marie Bellenger's book of Sunday sermons, including instructions and notes about the Mi'kmaq language (with Bellenger's observation that his notes are based on Maillard but that he has often had to supply endings), as well as a page of pictographs; Pierre-Antoine-Simon Maillard's manuscript containing religious doctrine and exercises, a table of deaths, notes on the principles of the French languages, and a table of contents, with a biographical note by Bellenger added in 1816 and 10 pages of pictographs with their meanings in Mi'kmaq; and Maillard's 1820 volume on the Mi'kmaq language, copied by Bellenger. Originals in the Archives de l'Archeveche de Quebec and at the Universite Laval, Seminaire de Quebec.
Selected materials, 1676-1930, on Indian linguistics Mss.Film.453