Miwok materials, Harvey Pitkin Papers

English | Miwok, Coast | Miwok, Lake | Miwok, Plains | Miwok, Southern Sierra | Ohlone, Northern | Ohlone, Southern | Wintu
Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960 | Pitkin, Harvey | Swadesh, Morris, 1909-1967 | Callaghan, Catherine A.
Linguistics | California--History
Notebooks | Vocabularies | Dictionaries | Field notes
The Miwok materials in the Harvey Pitkin Papers include linguistic and comparative materials of Coast, Plains, Lake, and Southern Sierra Miwok languages. Alfred Kroeber's notebooks on Lake Miwok can be found in Subcollection I, Series IA. Pitkin's "introduction" to Plains, Coast, and Lake Miwok is located in Subcollection I, Subseries 4-C; Pitkin's California-Oregon comparative Vocabularies of Lake, Plains; and Southern Sierra Miwok is in Subcollection II, Series 2, Subseries 5 along with Morris Swadesh's "Glottochronologic Tests Lists," which include Mariposa Miwok and Clear Lake Miwok. Catherine Callaghan field work, Plains Miwok dictionary, and reconstruction of Proto Miwok is in Subcollection II, Series 2, Subseries 5.
Harvey Pitkin Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.78