Proto-Muskogean and Proto-Gulf materials, Mary Haas Papers

Seminole includes: Yat'siminoli
Koasati includes: Coushatta
Choctaw includes: Chahta
Atakapa includes: Atacapa
Alabama includes: Alibamu
Chickasaw | Choctaw | Creek | Mikasuki | Apalachee | Alabama | Koasati | Natchez | Tunica | Atakapa | Chitimacha | English
Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996
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A considerable amount of Haas' research from the 1950s onwards involved identifying language family relationships and constructing proto-languages. Comparisons, both lexical and phonological, between Muskogean and hypothesized Gulf languages and their proto-forms are abundant especially throughout Series 2 and Series 9. Haas made annotations to others' publications, created bibliographies, and developed family trees and lexica of both Proto-Muskogean and Proto-Golf and a wide variety of Muskogean languages, including several lexica from multiple historical sources in Series 9. Examples of the above are to be found across much of the collection, often in folders of specific Muskogean and Gulf languages. See individual cultures and languages for specifics.
Mary R. Haas Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.94