Nahuatl materials, American Philosophical Society Archives

Winship, George Parker, 1871-1952 | Brinton, Daniel G. (Daniel Garrison), 1837-1899 | Culin, Stewart, 1858-1929 | Saville, Marshall H. (Marshall Howard), 1867-1935
Orthography and spelling | Linguistics
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Correspondence relating to Nahuatl materials at the American Philosophical Society. Topics include the linguistic work of James C. Pilling, which Winship was completing; Rincon ["Arte mexicana" (1595)]; Phillips' translation of a Nahuatl-Spanish text and another manuscript for the Proceedings [See also Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 21 (1883): 616-651]; Culin's paper on the Montezuma Tribute Roll; and the relationship of Philadelphia fragments to manuscripts in Berlin [see Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 17: 53-61]. Other individuals mentioned include Eduard Seler and Isaac Minis Hays.
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