Serrano materials, Phillips Fund Collection

Serrano includes: Taaqtam
English | Serrano
Elliott, Eric | Ramón, Dorothy
Dictionaries | Reports
401 pages
The Serrano materials in the Phillips Fund collection consist of 1 item, listed under "Elliott, Eric": a handwritten project report (1 p.); Serrano-English dictionary (ca.400 p., ca. 2200 lexical entries, on continuous form stationary); APS accession receipt (1 p.). The dictionary is described by author and grantee Eric Elliott as a "rough draft of Serrano-English Dictionary, divided into Noun and Verb sections, not yet alphabetized, but does contain some 2000 entries" and was produced with consultant and speaker Dorothy Ramón at Banning, California, 1995-1996.
Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection Mss.497.3.Am4