Choctaw materials, James Crawford Recordings of Native American languages

Choctaw includes: Chahta
Choctaw | English
Abbey, Aron | Celestine, Phoebie | Crawford, James M. (James Mack), 1925-1989 | Langley, Arzelie | Thomas, Esther
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The Choctaw material in James Crawford's "Recordings of Native American languages" collection consist of recordings in "Series 9: Mobilian" and "Series 14: Yuchi," which contains discussions of Mobilian conducted in part in Choctaw; and Vocabularies recorded along with Koasati and Mobilian. (NOTE: This material has been digitized and can be accessed online for free by users not physically at the APS Library through a login and password. Please see our Audio Access Page for information on how to request these materials.)
James Crawford Recordings of Native American languages Mss.Rec.184