Semu Huaute, Medicine Man

Tuscarora includes: Ska:rù:rę'
Semu Huaute | Siemering, Bill
Medicine | Religion | Whites--Relations with Indians
Sound recording
Interviews | Radio programs
1 sound tape reel (51 min.) : DIGITIZED
Conversation with Semu Huaute, Chumash Medicine Man, on a variety of topics. Recorded at a powwow held at Tonawanda, New York, in the summer of 1966. Broadcast by Radio WBFO (Buffalo, N.Y.) in November 1967. Also includes a brief speech by Mad Bear recorded at the same time. (NOTE: This material has been digitized and can be accessed online for free by users not physically at the APS Library through a login and password. Please see our Audio Access Page for information on how to request these materials.)
Semu Huaute, Medicine Man Mss.Rec.233