Kiowa Belief Systems

Kiowa includes: Ka'igwu
Ahtone, Jake | Aitson, Amos | Gray, Dorothy Tsatoke | Kotay, Ralph | Kracht, Benjamin | Pewo, Levena Tongkeamah | Quoetone, Charles | Tobpi, John
Oklahoma--History | Powwows | Religion | Social life and customs
Sound recording
Hymns | Interviews | Reports | Songs
24 audiocassettes (29 hr., 4 min.)
Consists of the researcher's personally dictated notes regarding his fieldwork, interviews, and research, as well as recordings of Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society Powwows and memorial services. These powwow and memorial service recordings may be restricted due to cultural sensitivity and privacy concerns.
Kiowa Belief Systems Mss.Rec.280