Arte y vocabulario de la lengua Cholti

Manche Ch'ol includes: Cholti
Ch'olti' | Spanish
Gálvez, Mariano, 1794-1862 | Morán, Francisco, fl. 1625 | Murillo, Thomas
Guatemala--History | Linguistics | Religion
Grammars | Vocabularies
1 volume, 282 pages
This is a copy of Morán's "libro grande" (1625-1650), and includes two versions of the grammar (in different hands), confessional materials, and a vocabulary of 500 words which has been added to the others. The first three pages are a narrative of Spanish missions (1689-1692) by Thomas Murillo. Donor, Academia de Ciencias de Guatemala, through Mariano Gálvez, 1836.
Mayan Language Texts, 1553-1727 Mss.497.43.V42