Kaqchikel materials, American Philosophical Society Archives

Kaqchikel includes: Cakchiquel, Cakchikel, Kaqchiquel
English | Spanish
Gálvez, Mariano, 1794-1862 | Holmes, William Henry, 1846-1933 | Morison, Ella M. | Pilling, James Constantine, 1846-1895 | Thomas, Cyrus, 1825-1910
Linguistics | Guatemala--History
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Items relating to Kaqchikel materials at the American Philosophical Society, including an 1836 exchange of correspondence relating to donated manuscripts and printed works on Kaqchikel Pilling's requests in the 1880s for copies of various publications for Bureau of American Castell's 1897 request for a copy of Daniel Garrison Brinton's paper on Kaqchikel language (1884); and two 1907 letters concerning a Kaqchikel manuscript [Uae rugotzlem Sant Andres Apostol (#495)] in American Philosophical Society Library
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