Miwok myths

English | Miwok, Central Sierra
Freeland, L. S. (Lucy Shepard), 1890-1972 | Angulo, Jaime de | Berman, Howard | Williams, Thomas | Cox, Lena
Anthropology | Linguistics | Folklore | Ethnography | Penutian languages | California--History
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150 pages
This collection includes manuscript and photocopied material of anthropologist and linguist Lucy S. "Nancy" Freeland, in which she records the stories told to her by Thomas Williams and Lena Cox. Also included are offprints from "The Hudson Review" of translations of these myths by linguist Jaime de Angulo (Freeman's husband). There are also documents prepared by linguist Howard Berman in preparation for the publication of these myths in "Freeland's Central Sierra Miwok Myths" (1982). The various materials are stored in four packets labeled A, B, C, and D, and bound together with string. An extremely useful cover letter in Packet A from Berman to Stephen Catlett of the APS explains the materials (what they are, provenance, who made what notations upon them) and their relationship to Freeland materials already in the APS collections; APS staff have also made relevant notes in pencil to denote where the various materials can be found. Images are primarily of Coyote, the black and white illustrations accompany the text of “Seven Indian Tales” by Jaime de Angulo. Originally printed in the Hudson Review, an offprint of the published work Indian Tales (1952).
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