Mexico materials, Samuel George Morton Papers

Burroughs, Marmaduke | Edmonds, Frederic | Maclure, William, 1763-1840 | Macartney, John P.
Grave robbing | Human remains | Phrenology | Skulls | Mexico--History | Antiquities | Anthropometry
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Letters discussing grave robbing of Indigenous ancestors' remains. Maclure and Burroughs write of the difficulty of obtaining "pure" Mexican skulls; problem of shipping out skulls (though Maclure sends several); innate capabilities of the Indians; educating the Indians. Edmonds sends "heads" collected from the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon near San Juan de Teotihuacan. Mexican curiosities. Macartney sends 6 skulls collected by Jose Gomes de la Cortina, a Mexican gentleman. Claims that skulls are easily obtained from Mexicans. Skulls from Santiago de Flotiloho are unreliable, since epidemic of cholera resulted in throwing bodies into ancient burials.
Samuel George Morton Papers Mss.B.M843