Quechua materials, Floyd G. Lounsbury Papers

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Lounsbury, Floyd Glenn | Altamirano, Oscar | American Bible Society | Beukema, Ron | Hammel, Eugene A. | Mangin, William | Schaedel, Richard P. | Tulchin, Joseph S., 1939- | Weiss, Andrew | Zuidema, R. Tom, (Reiner Tom), 1927-2016
Linguistics | South America--History
Vocabularies | Grammars
The Quechua materials in the Lounsbury Papers consist of Vocabularies in Series II and 13 boxes of word slips in Series VI. The correspondence in Series I includes Oscar Altamirano's work on Quechua, Christian scriptures in Quechua, Ron Beukema's work on phonology and morphology, Eugene Hammel's notes on Quechua kinship and marriage, William Mangin's work on Quechua in Peru, Richar Schaedel's Quechua work on Mochik or Yunga (Chipaya), Joseph Tulchin in Quechua language geographic distribution, and Andrew Weiss's study of Quechua in Bolivia.
Floyd G. Lounsbury Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.95