Eastern North America materials, Peale-Sellers Family Collection

Fiske, Moses | Peale, Franklin, 1795-1870 | Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827 | Sellers, George Escol
Human remains | Funeral rites and ceremonies | Mounds | Mississippian culture | Adena culture | Hopewell culture | Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) | Antiquities | Material culture | Pottery | Peale's Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Museums
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1) Moses Fiske's description of skeletal remains found in basket burial in Warren County, Tennessee, in 1810. 2) Charles Willson Peale's catalogue of museum contents: "Indian curiosities, dresses, ornaments. Implements of agriculture, war, etc. of various nations. In the upper Room." Artifacts and articles of dress of western Indians (Lewis and Clark); ornaments from Ohio mounds; unidentified belts, pouches, and arrowheads. 3) Benjamin Franklin Peale's description of his collection of Material culture; thinks pottery fragments sent to him by Sellers are those of Mound Builders. 4) George Escol Seller's letter describing his artifacts from mounds in Ohio, 60 specimens of tools and cloth. Argues that Franklin Peale collected specimens to show the unity of mankind, while Sellers collects to find the variety of tools. Discusses Mound Builders at some length.
Peale-Sellers Family Collection Mss.B.P31