Indian Shaker services, and two life histories

Colville includes: sx̌ʷyʔiɬpx
Ackerman, Lillian A. (Lillian Alice) | Arcasa, Isabel | Gabourie, Sophie
Religion | Washington (State)--History
Sound recording
Autobiographies | Interviews
7 hr., 24 min.
Recordings made at Malott, Washington and the Colville Indian Reservation in 1979. Includes a recording of an Indian Shaker Curing Ceremony and an Indian Shaker Service. Also includes two life histories on a wide variety of topics. Recorded as part of research on sexual equality on the Colville Reservation. The first consultant's life history is in two parts, the first part given as an extended oratory and the second as an interview. The second consultant's life history is given as an interview.
Indian Shaker services, and two life histories Mss.Rec.119