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Miami | Omaha
Language(s): English
Date: 1823; 1824; 1829; undated
Extent: 5 items
Description: Two letters to Zaccheus Collins: (1) regarding antiquities along banks of the Cumberland River, Kentucky. He offers the American Philosophical Society his maps and descriptions of monuments of Kentucky, his list of sites, his discussion of ancient history, chronology, and a history of the Indian nations for publication as a sequel to Heckewelder (1819). Mentions comparative numerals, comparative vocabularies. (2) Has published on antiquities in American Monthly, May, 1824; preparing a large work on early American history and antiquities. (3) Letter to John Quincy Adams regarding the ancient history, antiquities and languages of America; Vocabularies deposited in the State or War Department, particularly of Lewis and Clark, Pike, and Dunbar. (4) Reading notes from various works. Discussion of South American words, particularly Chilean and Venezuelan. Miscellaneous information about Miami chief, Francis Godfrey; Stapa-Tunga, chief of the Omahas. Mentions the Galapagos. (5) A notebook with discussion of various sources for study of the North and South American continents, concerning works of history, geology, physiography, botany. Chronology taken from Humboldt. Problem of identifying nations at early contact.
Collection: C. S. (Constantine Samuel) Rafinesque correspondence and writings (Mss.B.R124)

Language(s): English
Date: 1905-1947
Extent: 39 volumes
Description: Beginning with his college life as an undergraduate at Harvard (1905-1906), Morley's diaries continue through his earliest travels and explorations of Central America (1907-1944), with information on the study of Mayan hieroglyphs, publications, the study of Central American ruins, and the manners and customs of the native people. Five volumes are devoted to four separate archaeological expeditions: Copan expedition (1937), Uxmal expedition (1941-1942), Central American expedition (1944), and Guatemala and Honduras expedition (1947). Formal and detailed field notes form the bulk of Morley's archaeological work. Includes 106 ink sketches and 105 pencil sketches by archaeologist Sylvanus Morley to illustrate his excavation descriptions of Mayan sites in Yaxchilan (1931), Calakmul (1932), Copan (1937, 1947), and Uxmal (1941-42). Primarily Mayan glyphs, images include diagrams of stairways, pyramids, and ball courts. Originals at Peabody Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Collection: Sylvanus Griswold Morley diaries (Mss.B.M828)