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Deg Xit'an | Yupik | Inuit | Iñupiat | Koyukon
Alternate forms: Anvik, Eskimo, Deg Hit'an,  Deg Hitan,  Degexit'an,  Kaiyuhkhotana, Ingalik (pej.), Iñupiaq
Date: 1976 and undated
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 28 reels
Description: These texts, produced in the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, include dictionaries, vocabularies, grammars, and religious materials (hymns and sermons, etc. primarily Christian) of the Central Alaskan Yupik, Deg Xit'an (formerly known as Ingalik or Ingalit), Iñupiaq, and Koyukon languages. From originals on deposit by the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus at the Pacific Northwest Indian Center, Spokane, Washington. Guide book included.
Collection: Indian language collection: the Alaska native languages, 20th century (Mss.Film.1364)

Wyandot | Susquehannock
Alternate forms: Conestoga, Huron-Wyandot
Language(s): English | French | Wyandot
Date: Undated
Extent: 2 items
Description: Materials relating to Paul A. W. Wallace's interest in Wyandot (Huron) language, history, and culture. Items include Wallace's 8-page "Who Were the Hurons' Allies of 1615?" in which he concludes that the unnamed allies who were to aid Champlain and the Hurons probably were Susquehannocks; and eighteenth-century missionary Pierre-Philippe Potier's Huron-French vocabulary, from a document possibly in the archives of St. Mary's College, Montreal.
Collection: Paul A. W. Wallace Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.64b)