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Santa Ana | Santo Domingo
Alternate forms: Keres
Language(s): Keres, Eastern | English | Spanish
Date: 1996-1999
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 1 folder
Description: During the collection of William Bright's Hispanisms lexical file (lexical borrowings from Spanish into Native American languages, Series 5) he corresponded with Irvine Davis on Santa Ana and Santo Domingo varieties of Keresan.
Collection: William O. Bright Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.142)

Cochiti | Santo Domingo | Laguna | Acoma | Santa Ana | San Felipe | Zia
Alternate forms: Kotyit
Date: circa 1938-1976
Extent: 3 folders
Description: Three items relating to Keresan languages and associated pueblos have been identified in the C. F. Voegelin Papers. They are all located in Subcollection II. They include correspondence with Joel M. Maring regarding Eastern and Western Keresan and Hopi in Series. I. Correspondence; and two stories from Cochiti ("Salt Woman Gets No Food at Cochiti" and "Arrow Boy and Eagle Girls") and one from Santo Domingo ("Turkey Girl") in the Southwestern Indian Tales category of Series III. Works by Voegelin, Subseries II: American Indian Tales for Children. The Keresan-speaking pueblos are also represented on Harry Tschopik's map of "Indian Languages in New Mexico, A.D. 1600" (1938) in Subseries V: American Indian Languages. This item has been digitized and is available through the APS's Digital Library.
Collection: C. F. Voegelin Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.68)

Acoma | Cochiti | Laguna | Santa Ana | San Felipe | Santo Domingo | Zia
Date: 1957, 1959
Extent: 9 sound tape reels (3 hr., 45 min.)
Description: Keresan dialect study (62 sample utterances in seven dialects: Acoma, Laguna, Zia, Santa Ana, San Felipe, Santo Domingo, Cochiti). 18 Acoma texts and tales; speakers' general translations of four Text; text and informal translation. One Cochiti text.
Collection: Keresan tales in the Acoma and Cochiti dialects (Mss.Rec.35)

Santo Domingo
Language(s): English | Keres, Eastern
Date: 1920
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 1 notebook (71 pages)
Description: The Santo Domingo materials in the ACLS collection consist of one field notebook recorded by Franz Boas with Vocabularies and paradigms. This item is located in the "Santo Domingo" section of the finding aid.
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Santo Domingo
Language(s): English | Keres, Eastern
Date: 1920-1923
Extent: 2 notebooks, 2 photographs
Description: The Santo Domingo materials in the Elsie Clews Parsons papers consist of 2 notebooks found in Subcollection II, Series IV, "Research Notes": one labelled "San[to] Domingo" and another as "Isleta" notebook #2, which contains some information on Santo Domingo. In Subcollection II, Series IV, "Photographs and Scrapbooks," there are 2 "San[to] Domingo" prints. Some of this material may be restricted due to cultural sensitivity or privacy concerns. Additional relevant material may appear in correspondence folders.
Collection: Elsie Clews Parsons papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.29)