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Chinautleco | Kaqchikel | Maya | Poqomam
Alternate forms: Cakchiquel, Cakchikel, Kaqchiquel
Language(s): English | Spanish | Kaqchikel | K'iche' | Poqomam
Date: 1596-1984
Contributor: Reina, Ruben E.
Extent: 7.5 linear feet
Description: The materials in the Ruben Reina papers relating to the Chinautla region of Guatemala are found primarily in Series III of the collection. This series consists of material relating to the Chinautla region and neighboring areas of Guatemala, including primarily Poqomam-speaking peoples. This section includes an extensive amount of copies from the Archivo General de Centroamerica (AGCA), local archives, and oral history interviews.
Collection: Ruben E. Reina Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.67)

Mam | Poqomam | Xinca
Language(s): English | Mam | Poqomam | Xinca
Date: 1969
Contributor: Simeon, George
Extent: 1 audiocassette (1 hr., 32 min.) : DIGITIZED
Description: Consists of samples of a larger set of material excerpted by the collector from his original field recordings. Conversations, elicited Vocabularies with Spanish equivalents, and texts in three Guatemalan languages. Recorded in Guatemala in 1969. (NOTE: This material has been digitized and can be accessed online for free by users not physically at the APS Library through a login and password. Please see our Audio Access Page for information on how to request these materials.)
Collection: Mam, Xinca, and Pocomam Central linguistics (Mss.Rec.91)

Language(s): English | Poqomam
Date: 1968-1972
Contributor: Simeon, George
Extent: 9 pages
Description: The Poqomam materials in the Phillips Fund collection consist of 1 item. Materials in this collection are listed alphabetically by last name of author. See materials listed under Simeon.
Collection: Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection (Mss.497.3.Am4)

Alternate forms: Pokomam
Language(s): English | Spanish
Date: 1955
Contributor: Miles, Suzanne W.
Extent: 1 volume
Description: Anthropologist Suzanne W. Miles received her Ph.D. at Radcliffe in 1955 for a study of the Pokom-Maya Indians [Poqomam]; she died in Guatemala in the mid-1960s. This volume is a field diary kept by Miles in the Cuchmatanes mountains of Huehuetenango Department, Guatemala.
Collection: Suzanne W. Miles field diary (Mss.572.9728.M59)

Mapuche | Quechua | Poqomam | Kalinago | Nahua | Wyandot | Massachusett
Date: 1822
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 1 vol., 35 p.
Description: This manuscript copy contains dictionaries of nine Indian vocabularies, such as Aztec, Algonkin, and Huron, and was taken from Reland's "Dissertationum miscellanearum pars tertia" (Utrecht, 1708). [Vocabularies compiled from printed sources, of South and North American dialects: Brasilica (1590,1595,1648); Chilensis (1647); Peruana, Poconziae [or Poconomica, Guatemala and Honduras]; Caraibica [Antilles], 1658; Mexicana [Otomitica, Chontalica, Zoquina, Cascan, Niciecana, Chicemeca dialects mentioned]; Virginiana (1966 [Eliot] 1685 [Mather], Algonkina [1703 La Hontan] Huramica (German-Huron vocabulary not included; 1822.]
Collection: Vocabularia variarum linguarum Americanarum (Mss.498.R27)