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Language(s): English | Osage
Date: 1951
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 226 pages, cards (undetermined quantity)
Description: The Osage materials in the ACLS collection consist of materials in multiple sections of the finding aid. The "Osage" section of the finding aid includes Wolff's linguistic field notes. In the "Chiwere" section, Marsh's lexical file contains some comparisons to Osage cognates. In the "Dakota" section, there is Deloria's "Study of Osage consonant shifts."
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Cherokee | Yuchi | Haudenosaunee
Alternate forms: Iroquois
Language(s): English | Oneida | Yuchi
Date: circa 1925-1967
Extent: 7 folders
Description: There are some materials relating to Siouan languages in the C. F. Voegelin Papers. This entry is intended as a catch-all for materials labeled as Siouan or Macro-Siouan. Researchers should also search for entries for specific Siouan languages and culture groups. Siouan materials are located in both Subcollection I and Subcollection II. In Subcollection I, there is a folder containing a list of of Siouan-Iroquois words in Series V. Research Notes, Subseries V-A: Language Notes. In Subcollection II, correspondence with Hans Wolff concerns work on comparative Siouan and can be found in Series I. Correspondence; there are notes on Siouan in the "Miscellaneous languages" file in Series II. Research Notes, Subseries I. Eskimo-Aleutian; and there is a subseries on Macro-Siouan in the the same series (Research Notes). Subseries IV. Macro-Siouan contains files on Cherokee, Iroquoian, Oneida, and Yuchi grammatical notes.
Collection: C. F. Voegelin Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.68)

Language(s): Yuchi | English
Date: 1940-1978
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Description: The most significant items in Mary Haas' Yuchi file are a ca.100-page field notebook recorded with "neTr", wife of "zasGaT" ("John Scott") (in Haas' orthography) in 1940 (Series 2 Subseries ‘Yuchi') and a dedicated lexical slip file, derived from a combination of these fieldnotes and work by Hans Wolff (Series 9). There is also significant material from William Ballard present in Series 2 and 8.
Collection: Mary R. Haas Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.94)