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Mohawk | Haudenosaunee
Alternate forms: Iroquois
Language(s): French | Mohawk
Date: Undated
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 1,216 pages
Description: Part of a collection comprised of religious and linguistic materials in various Native American languages. Many were written by Jesuit missionaries of New France. This particular item is a French-Mohawk dictionary. Original at the Universite Laval, Seminaire de Quebec.
Collection: Selected materials, 1676-1930, on Indian linguistics (Mss.Film.453)

Wyandot | Onondaga
Alternate forms: Huron-Wyandot
Language(s): French | Wyandot | Onondaga
Date: Undated
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 194 frames
Description: Dictionnaire Huron-Iroquois, avec sous-titres en Francais. A to V. Arranged in parallel columns. Huron and Onondaga words compared, together with French translations. Original in Seminaire de Montreal, les Pretres de Saint-Sulpice.
Collection: Indian manuscripts, 1661-1879 (Mss.Film.1109)