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Chatino | Pochutec | Zapotec
Alternate forms: Pochuteco, Zapoteco
Date: 1912
Extent: 1 notebook
Description: The Oaxaca materials in the Boas Field Notebooks and Anthropometric Data collection consist of 1 notebook from 1912. This notebook contains vocabularies, including names of speakers from whom they were elicited, and some dates and place names, for "Pochutla" (Pochutec), and Chatino. "[Santiago] Yeitepec" is listed in one Chatino word list, so the specific language may be Western Highlands Chatino. (65 pages) Folkloristic texts and songs in Spanish. The origin of these stories, such as if they are translations of indigenous stories, is not given. (33 pages) Notes on varieties of Zapotec. (2 pages)
Collection: Franz Boas early field notebooks and anthropometric data (Mss.B.B61.5)