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Alternate forms: Ahtena
Language(s): English
Date: November 17, 1901; Undated (circa 1958)
Extent: 2 items
Description: See George Davidson letter from 1901 to Newell Wardle regarding the Copper River and the name "Atna" given to it by local native peoples. In undated section, see 8-page document by de Laguna, "Atna Indians, Copper River, Alaska," which includes names of consultants, contents of reels, and comments for the recordings cataloged as Mss.Rec.31.
Collection: Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (Mss.Ms.Coll.200)

Language(s): English
Date: 1978-1979
Subject: Anthropology | Music
Extent: 14 items
Description: Fourteen letters between Frederica de Laguna and John Bierhorst, from April 7, 1978 to May 31, 1979, initially regarding a permission question, with additonal subsequent correspondence including de Laguna's reaction to a review of Under Mount Saint Elias, reference to her travel plans, offering comments on Yakutat Tlingit informants and Yakutat music, and mention of Franz Boas, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Ruth Benedict, David McAllister, and Alan Lomax. Includes copies of obituaries (in 2004) for de Laguna and the program for her memorial service at Bryn Mawr College.
Collection: Correspondence between Frederica de Laguna and John Bierhorst (Mss.SMs.Coll.22)

Language(s): Eyak | English | Tlingit
Date: ca.1930s
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 1 folder
Description: Haas appears to have been preparing in the 1930s for a fieldtrip to Alaska that never materialized. She collected information on Eyak phonology and on several speakers of Eyak in Cordova, Alaska, details of which can be found in Series 2 Subseries ‘Eyak' and possibly also Series 1 correspondence with Frederica de Laguna. There are also comparisons with Tlingit and other Dene languages in Series 9.
Collection: Mary R. Haas Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.94)