Blackfoot materials, Phillips Fund Collection

Blackfoot includes: Niitsítapi, Blackfeet
Blackfoot | English
1967-1968, 1995, 2005, 2012-2015
Armoskaite, Solveiga | Powers, William K. | Spriggs, Lynne | Bliss, Heather | Kim, Kyumin | Miyashita, Mizuki
Linguistics | Montana--History
Text | Sound recording
Essays | Reports | Elicitation sessions | Interviews | Field notes
345 pages, 4 CDs
The Blackfoot materials in the Phillips Fund collection consist of 6 items. Materials in this collection are listed alphabetically by last name of author. See materials listed under Armoskaite, Powers, Spriggs, Bliss, Kim, and Miyashita.
Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection Mss.497.3.Am4